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      1.  Proof of Residency

 Applicant must provide proof that they reside in Oklahoma County by submitting one of the following;

  • Post marked letter to applicant within the  last 60 days.

  • Current utility bill showing street address dated within the last 60 days.

  • Rent receipt for current month.

  • Lease verifiable as being currently in effect.

  If any of the above is in the name of a person other than the applicant, the applicant   must also have a signed and dated statement stating that the applicant lives there.

 2.  Proof of total family income for the last 6 months.

  • Check stubs  

  • Statement of earnings from employer  

  • DHS Access card or Food Stamp Identification Card

  • Unemployment award letter

  • SSI award letter
  • DHS Application Approval Letter
  • Financial Aid Award Letter for student
  • Award letter or legal papers for disability and amount received (i.e. Workman's Compensation)

 3.  Selective Service Registration

   Must be registered. (Males Only, Ages 18 and above  unless you were born before January 1, 1960) Verification of registration can be done when applying, if needed.

 4.  Form I-9 Requirements

  Applicant must have one original from each of the following groups:

           Group 1:  CDIB, State Driver's License or State issued Identification Card.

         Group 2:  Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, INS Employment 

          Authorization, or U.S. Military Card.

 5.  Proof of Indian Descent One of the following:

  • Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood  

  • Tribal I.D., enrollment letter or voter's card.

  • Birth Certificate showing race (may have to provide additional documented proof).

 6. Youth Services: (Ages 16-21)

      Applicants must bring in state issued birth certificate to apply for services. 

                          Hospital certificates not accepted!