Below are answers to common questions.

What can I expect during the application process?

Applicants will need to complete an intake with a career counselor. During this process, staff will cover eligibility and services provided.

How long is the application process?

Typically, an applicant will receive a confirmation within 24 hours.

What services do you provide?

The UUIC provides services related to assistance with participation in employment, training, youth and GED activities.

What is the purpose of the program?

The section 166 programs under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) are designed to support employment and training activities in order to develop more fully the academic, occupational and literacy skills, make individuals more competitive in the workforce, and promote economic and social development in accordance with the goals and values of such communities.

Required Application Documents

Proof of Residency

Applicant must provide proof that they reside in Oklahoma County by submitting one of the following:

  • Postmarked letter dated within the previous 30 days
  • Current utility bill dated within the previous 30 days

Proof of Indian Descent

  • Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood
  • Tribal ID or Tribal Enrollment Letter

Selective Service Registration Verification

Social Security Card

  • Original presented
  • No copies accepted

Driver License or State of Oklahoma ID Card

  • Not expired

Proof of Total Family Income

  • Check stub(s) previous 6 months
  • Employer Statement of Earnings
  • Public Assistance/SNAP/Food Stamp Recipient Verification
  • Unemployment Compensation Claim Inquiry or Layoff Letter
  • SSI/SSDI Receipt Verification

Getting Started

Follow this link to complete the intake form. Please allow up to 24 business hours for a response.